Monthly Meetup Locations

Monthly Meetup Location – Nov 2023

Note: The Nov 2023 poll is closed.

Where would you like to have a recurring (monthly) meet-up with other Tesla owners? No one location can work for everyone across the state, so we are planning on setting up several meet-ups on different schedules. These schedules will most likely weekdays after work but there may be some weekend events as well. This poll is just to figure out the locations. If none of the ones listed work, feel free to add your own choice (but please make the choice a location). Use comments for further discussion.

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  1. Sarah, all the suggested locations are all breweries because that’s where we were meeting before and that’s where everyone suggested for a seed list. There is nothing that says it has to be a brewery, nor is there anything that says this is the only recurring meeting. You could suggest any location, although I’m actually not sure if it’ll let you submit another response because you already voted. Something to keep in mind for when we do this again, I guess?

  2. I also want to say, the comments and interaction here are very much appreciated. We want to know what your thoughts are, and every comment is appreciated. We will do what we can to accommodate.

  3. My uncle and aunt own Notch 8 Brewery. They offer beer of course but also great food and they have shakes to fill the ice cream void! I’d be happy to discuss a discount for members should we decide to use this location.

  4. I’ve mentioned Beer on Tapz in Germantown before:
    I’ve enjoyed the get togethers in the past at True Respite, which drew a very friendly & gracious group of people. While I did like the meeting last time in Frederick & the people, the traffic for me in Germantown was a bit hard to manage at rush hour. I do not mind the idea of rotating meetings as it gets me to find out about new places. Really, whatever brew pub you select, I’ll make an attempt to attend. Thanks for organizing this.

  5. Keep the Feedback coming….Thanks Everyone..

    Question, for the ones that would like a non-Alcohol Event…

    Recommendations? Locations? Would you come if the Event didn’t have alcohol?

    Example: We hosted an Easter Egg Hunt around Easter and rarely anyone come. Ice Cream was Hosted at Annie’s Cremery in Glen Burine and Brusters in Waldorf and Gaithersburg in the past and we had a Small Group with the Potential for More.

    We do have ribbon cutting events that have happened in the past and the group has been large.

    Not all events are Alcohol, however we want to accommodate all of our Members.

    Of course anyone can put an Event in the Group and we would like to see all that would like to come to events show up and come.

    If any recommendations of locations please add to list above. Thanks Everyone!

  6. I used my “Other” vote to suggest another brewery, LOL. But, I’ve heard good things about the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. There’s also the Naitonal Capital Trolley Museum in Silver Spring and the College Park Aviation Museum. I could go on, but we’d really love to hear from you!

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