2024-05-03 May the Fourth Lightshow Frederick Edition

Once again, the Tesla Owners Club of Maryland Represented for a Global Light Show event! This time, 46 Teslas and their humans showed up at Frederick Airport to perform the May the Fourth light show. There was one original Roadster, 3 (count ’em, 3!) Cybertrucks, six Model X’s, one Model S, 18 Model 3’s, and 17 Model Y’s.

Be sure to check out the official YouTube video compilation of the global event too! Maryland has three snippets in there, two from the Southern Maryland event from mid April (drone footage) and one from this event (no drones allowed near airports, so that was taken from outstretched arms held overhead height).

Special thanks to Frank Noe for coordinating use of the airport grounds, as well as Mark Czajka and Ty Burke for all their work with the event logistics.

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