2023-12-16 Tesla Owners Club of Maryland Holiday Party

The Tesla Owners Club of Maryland Second Annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday, December 16, 2023, once again hosted by Tesla at the Rockville location. Also once again, Capital Wrappers paid for the catering provided by Mission BBQ. Many thanks to those three companies for helping make this event another great success.

Even better, Tesla moved the CyberTruck from its location in Montgomery Mall over to Rockville just for the party, which was much appreciated.

Spaces ran out with the Public membership tier announcement, which is something we expect to happen going forward, so if you do wish to attend future holiday parties, be sure to sign up as a Member (higher tiers get invited first). We had 101 registered attendees not including kids or the Tesla Test Drive guests. Lots and lots of photos and videos were taken, available in the slideshow below. Or watch the YouTube video which is a collection of lots of them.

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