Tesla Owners Club of Maryland Name Tag


Extra Name Tags for Club Members!



This product is the same name tag that you get by joining the club at Standard level or above. If you want another name tag for someone else or want a name tag with something other than your name, you can order one separately now. You must be a member of the club to order one. This uses powerful magnets, so please do not use near things like pacemakers.

Public and Chill level members can order for $25 each.

Standard and Ludicrous members can order for $20 each.

Plaid members can order for $15 each.

Upon ordering, you will get a receipt email with a link to let us know what you would like on your name tag (one form per name tag if you are buying more than one). Minimum 1 character, maximum 13 characters per one or two lines. Use space or – to delineate second line. Text deemed offensive by Tesla Owners Club of Maryland officers will be rejected.

Delivery will take 1-2 weeks.


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