Explanation of Member Benefits

Thank you for your interest in understanding what each benefit means. Here is where you’ll find more detailed explanations of each benefit.

“Price per year” and “Access website content” are self explanatory.

The two general categories of forums on this website – General and For Sale – both allow everyone to view forum content, and any registered member to post replies to any topic. The General forums allow any registered member to create a topic, while the For Sale forum requires you be Chill or above to create a new topic (e.g. post an item for sale).

Additional members means you can sign up the stated number of additional members to get the same level of access (minus any physical products; e.g. no additional travel mugs) as the primary member signup. You must ask a Club officer to set up additional people. Names and email addresses are needed.

Participation in club events, Boot Camps, Tech Talks, owner support, mentorship, and partner discounts is available to everyone who signs up. However, Public membership levels do not permit registration to all events.

We have a Club merchandise store, and any registered Chill or above member may purchase items from the store.

Example patch and name tag

The name tag is a high quality 3D printed name tag using the name you provide during signup. Additional name tags can be purchased from our online store.

The Club logo patch is a fabric patch suitable to be glued or sewn on to apparel such as jackets or coats.

Both the name tag and logo patch are normally mailed to the address given the week after signup, but there may occasionally be a slight delay.

The Club travel mug is from our online store and will be ordered for you and shipped to the address provided.

Note that name tags, patches, and travel mugs (or any physical member perk) are sent only one per member at initial signup, not at membership renewal times.

1:1 assistance allows you as a club member to reserve time with a group expert to go over any specific problem, question, or concern. This is a best-effort service from volunteers within the club. We cannot guarantee resolution of any problem or concern, but will work with you to ensure all avenues are explored.

Each level has a different priority for signing up for limited-space events. Plaid members get first pick. Any remaining spots go to Ludicrous members. Any remaining slots go to Standard members. Any remaining spots go to Chill members. Public members, assuming the event is one in which Public members can register for, have the lowest priority.