How do I get my Tesla car now that it’s finally ready?

Taking receipt of your brand new Tesla EV is a fairly straightforward process at its heart. Tesla will be in communication with you on the details of your delivery. Most of the time you schedule an appointment to go to the appropriate service center, get an introduction, do a brief inspection, sign some papers, and off you go. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this became touchless, in that you never actually talk to someone. The requisite paperwork will be in the glove compartment. Install the Tesla app on your phone before you pick up your new car so you’re able to get inside for touchless deliveries.

How would Tesla resolve any issues, or any other issue once I’ve taken delivery? What about body work?

Making an appointment with Tesla for service is done exclusively from the Tesla application. The Rockville and Owings Mills Tesla service centers do body work as well. While this is very convenient and usually pretty easy to set up, it can also be frustrating because that’s the only way to initiate any conversation with Tesla Service. Text messaging and emails can be used later, but it’s still mostly done through the app.

Then it’s just a matter of filling out the details. If something can be done via the Mobile Tesla Ranger service, the app will choose that automatically (you can make a note of your desire for mobile service in the comments as well; personal experience has been they are pretty good at honoring that, although there aren’t many data points because the car doesn’t need much service).

If you do end up dropping your Tesla off at a service center, and you cannot wait, you will most likely get Uber credits. Getting a rental from Tesla is spotty — sometimes you may get lucky and get a Model S rental, but don’t expect it.

There are also other certified body shops around. You can search for certified body shops on the Tesla Body Shop Support page. Insurance handling is like any other car and depends on your coverage and your provider’s body shop relationships.

The following body shops have been recommended by other club members. Note that Tesla Owners Club of Maryland does not offer any endorsement by mentioning these vendors. Other members have recommended them, your experiences may vary.