How can I respond to people who claim that EVs are worse for the environment than gas cars?

We’ve all heard people say that when you look at the total cost of an electric vehicle, including mining for rare metals for the battery and generating electricity to charge them, that EVs aren’t really any better, and can be worse, for the environment than gasoline powered cards. This is one of those myths that the petroleum and automotive industries keep trying to push, but it’s been thoroughly debunked time and time again.

There are several resources out there you can refer people to, although sometimes if someone’s mind is made up they won’t listen to facts. But here are some websites that may be helpful:


What laws exist related to electric vehicles?

The following is a list of some known current and pending legislation (Federal or Maryland) that has some impact on EV ownership. This is manually updated, so if you know of another one that isn’t listed, please leave a comment below.


  • Maryland 2021 HB110, Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment for Multifamily Units Act
  • Maryland 2021 HB44, Clean Cars Act
  • Federal H.R. 5376, Inflation Reduction Act (if you’re more interested in EV tax rebates, read this FAQ)
  • Maryland 2022 HB157, Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles – Reserved Parking Spaces


  • None known at this time

Maryland General Assembly legislation can be searched for here (make sure you’re searching for the correct year). PluginSites has a great reference page as well.