Why can’t anyone order from the online store?

Because of some regulations we have to follow regarding non-profit and eventual charitable organization status, we have to watch where our income comes from. This may change in the future, but for now, we have to limit who can access the store.


Why are you using Ecowear for your online store?

We chose Ecowear for several reasons. They provide online store hosting for several other Tesla Owners Clubs, their breadth of merchandise is impressive, and their aggressive carbon-negative stance fits well with Tesla’s, and our, mission.

What products are available from the online merchandise store?

At launch time, the following products are available:

  • A logo’d Tesla travel mug (which is also a Plaid member perk)
  • A white polo shirt with black TESLA OWNERS MARYLAND embroidery
  • A black polo shirt with red TESLA OWNERS MARYLAND embroidery
  • A logo’d duffel bag
  • A logo’d unisex long sleeve t-shirt
  • A logo’d unisex short sleeve t-shirt

We may be changing products from time to time, so check the store out (remember, you have to be a paid member to be able to access, so Chill and above) to see the current list of products.

What are the available membership levels, and why should I have to pay for them?

The membership levels and their member perks are summarized in the following table:

Subject to change without notice. See Explanation of Member Benefits for more info
Membership LevelPublicChillStandardLudicrousPlaid
Price per year$0$10$30$50$80
Access website content including vendor perk informationYesYesYesYesYes
Additional Members00123
Participate in club events, Boot Camps, Tech Talks, owner support, mentorship, and partner discountsSomeYesYesYesYes
Purchase club merchandise (future)SomeYesYesYesYes
Club name tagYesYesYes
Club logo patchYesYesYes
1:1 assistanceYesYes
Club travel mug (future)Yes
Priority access to register for limited eventsFourthThirdSecondFirst

For more detailed explanations of each benefit, please click here.

Please be aware that the Public role is free, but still requires you to register with us so we have a way to confirm you own a Tesla.

As to why you should have to pay for them, keep in mind that some of the perks have an actual cost to the club so we will need membership dues to help pay for them. We are registered as a non-profit organization and are working on a 501.c(7) charitable organization designation as well. If you don’t want to pay anything, nothing changes for you, really.