Can I put a roof rack on my Tesla?

Yes. There are several options to choose from. The Tesla Roof Rack is probably the best in terms of appearance, wind noise, and range impact. Yakima offers a roof rack solution, but the wind noise at highway speeds is comparable to banshees singing at a campfire. There are also third party racks that look very similar to the Tesla Roof Rack and cost much less. Caveat emptor. There are no known instances of catastrophic failure or damage to the glass roof, but you do have to weigh that risk against the lower cost.

There are suction-cup mounted racks that people have said good things about, although they do have the disadvantage of putting pressure directly on the glass roof and the risk of really bad things happening if the suction fails while driving.

Note that putting something on the rack (bikes, skis, kayaks) will have a significant impact on wind noise and probably range loss.

What’s the best front license plate holder?

If the license plate holder that came with your car (which uses adhesive, and can be obtained from the Service Center for $10 if needed) is not adequate for your needs, there are a plethora of aftermarket options to choose from. The following have been mentioned by other members the previous times this question has been asked, in no particular order. Note that Tesla Owners Club of Maryland does not offer any endorsement by mentioning these vendors. Other members have recommended them, your experiences may vary.

Usually the QuickBandit is the most recommended.

Some might also ask if you really need to have a front license plate in Maryland. The answer is yes, you do, it’s the law. So it’s your choice to not follow the law and risk getting a ticket without one.