What tires do you recommend?

This question too becomes one of personal preference. The basic stock tires that come with Teslas are generally quite good, although they may tend to wear out much faster than you’d expect (especially if you can’t resist exuberant driving, given how brutal Teslas can be). Tesla winter tire packages are also decent, although they may seem pricey. The Model 3 18” Pirelli SottoZero’s handle quite well in wintry conditions, and getting four wheels as well as four tires, TPMS sensors, and installation makes the $2,000 list price not too much higher than going somewhere else, like Tire Rack.

Note that Tesla now puts their “mark of approval” on tires, with a “T” rating. More information can be found on Tesla’s support websiteTesla’s support website.

It has been said that the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tires are the best winter tires. There’s a place in Baltimore that does installations.

It has also been said that the Michelin CrossClimate+ (link goes to Tire Rack.com, Model 3 18” size) are great tires for all season tire replacements. The Michelin CrossClimate 2 (also TireRack.com, Model 3 18″ size) tires have also been positively commented on.

For a quieter ride, some have recommended the Vredestein Quatrac Pro (again, TireRack.com, Model 3 18″ size).

But you’re going to get a whole lot of recommendations, and that Tesla Owners Club of Maryland does not offer any endorsement for any tire brand. Other members have recommended them, your experiences may vary.. One thing to keep in mind is how quiet the tires are, as there’s of course no engine noise to drown the noise out. Another thing to consider is maybe getting wider tires to help guard against rim rash, although wider tires aren’t necessarily problem free either. They may have a greater impact on range, they may affect the accuracy of the speedometer depending on the difference in size, and they may introduce a greater blowout risk when taking hard corners. There isn’t much verifiable information either way on that, but those considerations should be factored in.

There is a matrix on Reddit that can help as well, at least for Model 3 specific recommendations.

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