What should I set my charge limit to?

The official guidance from Tesla is to set your maximum charge somewhere in the ‘Daily’ range on the app and car (50-80%) unless you are going on a trip, where you can then go from 80-100%. Note that it is definitely bad for the (lithium ion) battery to let it sit at 100% for extended periods of time (or to frequently charge up to 100%), so if you are going on a trip, try to time the charging so that it finishes right before you leave. This helps with pre-heating the battery to make it more efficient and can also handily coincide with warming (or cooling) the cabin too.

Any Tesla that comes with an LFP (lithium ion phosphate) battery can actually be charged to 100% as that type of battery chemistry does not suffer from 100% charges. As of December 2021, these are pretty rare in this neck of the woods though.

Note that during peak times, select Superchargers will actually not let you charge above 80%, and the “idle time” charges will kick in once you reach 80%.

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