What kind of rebates can I get for owning a Tesla? How about a home charger?

The website https://marylandev.org/incentives/ has a good summary of this information. Some points from that website:

As of January 2022, you will not get any Federal tax rebate for purchasing a Tesla. This may change with legislation currently being mutilated in the sausage-making machine known as Congress; this FAQ will be updated if and as necessary on that topic.

For Maryland, you may get some money back for a charger install. It must be done by a certified electrician with proper permitting, and it has to be obviously for EV charging. A NEMA 14-50 outlet by itself is not enough; a NEMA 14-50 outlet with, say, a Tesla mobile charger is.

There may be some benefits offered by your power company as well. Check with them, but one common warning noted in the group is you may need to give them access to your Tesla account which raises some questions.

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