Should I put some paint protection on my Tesla? What’s the difference between ceramic coating and PPF wrapping?

Like many answers, this will come down to personal preference. Ceramic coating is like a semi-permanent wax that lasts 3-5 years. It certainly helps protect the paint creating a super slick surface that bird droppings and dirt slide off of and generally makes the original color “pop” more, by providing a clear “shield” layer. Paint protection film (PPF) lets you wrap your car with a clear, protective film, or letting you choose an entirely different color, including shimmering ones. You may also choose to pair ceramic coating over PPF to provide years of low maintenance. When installed properly, neither will interfere with AutoPilot radars, cameras, and ultrasound.

Costs will vary depending on which product, which installer, and how much of your Tesla you wish to protect, but can easily run into the few thousand dollar range.

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