How do I go about getting a charger installed at home?

Assuming a Level 1 charger is not good enough for you (e.g. you drive more than 50 or 60 miles a day or otherwise just want to be able to charge faster), there are basically three options. One, get the Tesla Wall Charger. Two, get some other Level 2 charger. Three, install an adequate 240v (e.g. NEMA 14-50), probably 50 amp, outlet and either use the included Tesla Mobile Charger or even buy another one with the appropriate adapter to leave at home. Refer to this FAQ for who can install it.

The Tesla Wall Charger is the most expensive choice, but it looks better and gives you slightly faster charging (up to 50 miles of range per hour). The wall connector comes with an 18’ cord with easy storage so it’s always ready. A third party Level 2 charger would essentially be very similar to what you could get at a public charging station, and, like the third option, will give you about 30 miles of range per hour of charging.

Placement of the charger should be within 18’ of where the charge point ends up when you park your Tesla. You do NOT want to have an extension cord with a cable that thick. They tend to get hot and lose efficiency the longer they are. Melting charging cables is bad.

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