How do I fix curb rash?

Curb rash is almost like a badge of honor. Based on how many times this is asked, a significant percentage of owners have it happen to them at one time or another. Given how easy it is to do, you first have to decide if it’s worth fixing, as it may happen again anyway.

Because the wheel rims are wider than the OEM tires, the rims are the first thing to hit that annoyingly placed curb. One option to avoid this in the future is to replace your tires with wider ones, so the tire takes the hit, not the wheel rim. Please read this answer for more information on that.

Several places have been recommended to fix curb rash. They are, with no recommendations other than someone else liked them, listed below. Note that Tesla Owners Club of Maryland does not offer any endorsement by mentioning these vendors. Other members have recommended them, your experiences may vary.

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