How can I fix a flat on my Tesla?

The important thing to keep in mind with regards to flats and Tesla is, there is fundamentally no difference between this and any other car. The other important thing to keep in mind is, flats are almost never covered under warranty. It would require an obvious defect to win that argument.

With that said, you may run into issues finding a tire shop that knows how to work on a Tesla. This boils down to them understanding the need to use the lift pucks (that you can buy yourself and keep in the car, search for “Tesla pucks” on Amazon or Google) so as to not damage the battery.

Per Maryland state law, you should have a pump and tire repair kit that came with your Tesla. That may help out in a pinch. It is a good idea to have a pump in your car anyway, but make sure it’s one that does not draw too much power from the cigar lighter because the 12v battery in the Tesla is not the same in ICE cars. 15 amp is borderline too much and may cause the cigar lighter to shut off for 60 minutes. The KenSun product (link to Amazon) and Foseal product (link to Amazon) are known to work with Teslas.

You also have the option of Tesla Roadside Assistance, available from within the car or the app. Note, however, that they will only give you a loaner tire if they have one available and only if you are still under warranty. You will still need to make an appointment at your nearby Service Center to get it properly fixed.

The following locations have been used by other members with success. Note that Tesla Owners Club of Maryland does not offer any endorsement by mentioning these vendors. Other members have recommended them, your experiences may vary.


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